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People are the cornerstone of our firm and our services. They and their experience are our only asset. Without them we don’t exist. Some clients think we are sharp, engaging, and flexible. Others think we are perceptive, friendly, and versatile. You decide.


James.M.McNamaraJames M. McNamara

Responsibilities. Company management and operations, client strategy supervision and creation, project management, and creative strategy and supervision.

Cultural Arts Background. James has extensive experience in brand strategy development, client management, and the marketing and management of design services.

He founded, managed, and consulted in the strategy, branding, and graphic identity practice of LaPlaca Cohen, a cultural arts marketing firm, for eight years. He instituted consulting methodologies, systems, and deliverables; trained and supervised staff; and worked with an extensive array of visual and performing arts clients.

Subsequent to this James was the practice lead for cultural arts at The Partners, an international brand strategy and design studio with a cultural arts interest. James has a 20+ year career in corporate and brand identity, and package and industrial design at several other branding agencies.

He has held executive positions as practice head, managing director, and executive vice president / general manager; and staff positions as brand strategist, account manager, and marketing director.

James has presented to Board of Directors of arts organizations on branding issues and to cultural arts conferences as well, including the 2012 California Association of Museums conference.

He has a MBA in marketing and organizational behavior from Boston University and a BA in graphic and industrial design from UCLA.

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Team Resources
Valued Partners

These are resources in our field. We know many from partnering with them directly, or indirectly from working on the same project at different stages:


Strategic & Facilities Planning

  • AEA Consulting
  • AMS Planning & Research Corp.
  • Jenks Group, LLC
  • The Kavelman Group Philanthropic Advisors LLC
  • Lord Cultural Resources
  • Marts & Lundy
  • METStrategies
  • MMC | Museum Management Consultants
  • Raybin Associates
  • Solutions for Arts & Culture
  • TCC Group
  • Webb Management Services
  • Wolf Brown

Human Resources

  • ACG | Arts Consulting Group
  • Phillips Oppenheim
  • Thomas & Associates, Inc.



  • Consumer Intelligence
  • Martin & Stowe
  • Pessen Strategic Research

Qualitative & Quantitative

  • AMS Planning & Research Corp.
  • ARA | Audience Research & Analysis
  • Anne Lee Groves
  • Cooper Roberts Research, Inc.
  • Insight Evaluation Services
  • O’Connor Market Research
  • Randi Korn & Associates
  • S. Radoff Associates
  • Shugoll Research
  • Slover Linett Strategies

Graphic & Environmental Design

  • C&G Partners
  • Eric J. Olson Creative Direction & Design
  • Flyleaf Creative, Inc.
  • Graham Hanson Design
  • Hello Babushka | Jessica Philpott
  • Mgmt. Design

Digital | Social Media

  • Cogapp
  • Kapow, Inc.
  • Pixel Marsala
  • POP Multimedia, Inc.
  • Pyramid Communications
  • Rubenstein Technology Group
  • Situation Interactive
  • TrestleMedia


  • Ann Edgar Associates
  • Bow Bridge Communications
  • Fitz & Co
  • Helene Davis Public Relations
  • Nicole Straus Public Relations
  • Polskin Arts & Communications Counselors
  • Resnicow Schroder
  • Robyn Liverant Public Relations
  • Rubenstein Communications
  • Stacy Bolton Communications
  • Third Eye


  • Allied Live
  • The Buckland Company
  • CSF Strategy, LLC
  • Red Osmosis
  • Serino / Coyne
  • Rebecca Sheahan
  • SpotCo
  • Trudel | MacPherson

Audience Development

  • Capacity Interactive Inc.
  • CultureThrive
  • Daniller + Company
  • DCM
  • Membership Consultants
  • Membership Matters
  • Spark Arts Consulting
  • TRG Arts

Development | Fundraising

  • CCS Fundraising
  • Dunch Arts, LLC
  • Goodale Associates
  • Grenzebach Glier & Associates, Inc.
  • Groves Development Group
  • Jan Krukowski & Company
  • The John O’Donnell Company
  • Phillips & Associates
  • Shelley Jane Grossberg Development Counsel